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This is our Brilliant Embroidered Fairy and is made as nursery decoration for an upcoming princess called Anastasia. He will be my second grandchild and my first Granddaughter. I am so excited about this.

I have made this juicy fairy from a design purchased from which was a design for a coloring doll . After creating the coloring doll, I decided that I wanted this Fairy embroidered with gold metallic thread. And there she is.

But now my daughter asked me for the same design for Anastasia's nursery.

While doing the process I was thinking that it would be useful for you to know the procedure and the materials I used.

So I have done it.


Canvas 30*30 cm

Gold Metallic Thread

Cutaway Stabilizer

Felt 30*30 cm


Cotton Batting 20 cm

Temporary Spray Adhesive

Sewing Threads


Embroidery Machine Brother Inno-vis NV870 SP

Hoop 5*7 "


Sewing Needle

Bamboo Embroidery Hoop 20 cm

Steps to follow

  • Download the design to your embroidery machine. I used a PE file format because this is what my Brother reads.

  • Hoop your Stabilizer at your 5*7 " hoop.

  • Trace vertical and horizontal guides in order to find the middle point.

  • Trace vertical and horizontal guides on your canvas as well.

  • Adjust the middle point of your canvas to the middle point on the stabilizer.

  • Pin around close to the hoop or spray on your stabilizer and float your canvas on it.

  • Thread your machine with silver or metallic thread.

  • Slow down the speed of your embroidery machine.

  • Start embroidering

  • After finishing the embroidery remove the hoop from your machine and cut away the stabilizer as closely as you can.

  • Use the outer circle of the hoop to cut a circle on your felt.

  • Use the inner circle of the hoop to cut a circle on the batting.

  • Use the bamboo hoop to hoop your canvas.

  • Grab your sewing needle and sew a running stitch all around the canvas 2 cm away from the hoop starting on the opposite side of the hoop's screw without cutting your thread.

  • Cut with your pink sheers 2 cm far from the running stitch.

  • At the back side of the hoop put the cotton batting circle.

  • Pick the thread that you left before all around the canvas and pull. This will create a "case" which will keep the batting in place. Secure threads with a knot.

  • Cover with the felt circle and sew all around.

Some more tips

  • Metallic threads are a bit difficult to use and here are some tips to resolve the problems. Use a special needle with a bigger eye in order to reduce friction as the thread passes through. Put the spool in a box far away from your embroidery machine, and slow down the speed.

  • Instead of felt at the back of the hoop use any other fabric that doesn't fray.

  • Watch to understand how to finish the back of your hoop:

  • Metallic Thread used

  • Scissors Used

I have enjoyed all this procedure and especially that I shared it with you.

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