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About Natasa

Trying hard not to be a  real machine embroidery addict! 

My goal  is to inspire you and of course to take inspiration of you.
I am mostly here to communicate and share the knowledge of a newbie
and the the joy of a person who recently discovered that
mixing fabrics and threads is a kind of medicine against stress .

Colorful Threads
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I always try  to create handmade colorful and useful elements,  with the best quality materials , for you, to use them yourself or as gifts and be always sure that you own a unique handmade state of art. I am established in Heraklion Crete and I am  the mother of Mihalis and Georgia and grandmother of Christos.
The idea of this lab was born as soon as my daughter announced me her pregnancy. Then my son in law told me “Now we have got a sporaki”  (it means seed in Greek language). That was it.
Last  two years Christos and Sporaki are growing together with lots of love and care.

I spend lots of time with my embroidery machine and, believe it or not, I transformed  the dining table at my home to Machine Embroidery Lab.
I hope soon I ‘ll get the opportunity to have my own place.
In the meantime sun is coming through the windows and warms up our hearts. The sunshine covers the fabrics and the threads and make them magical. This is my inspiration.
I create everything having in mind to take care of mother Earth  and act sustainably. This is only the start of a journey
and I would like to invite you all.

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